3 Steps To Getting What You Want
Step 3

by Chris Nelson-Jeffers

Step 3 – Have a Prosperity Mindset

In order to make your every thought and action constructive, you must attain and maintain a Prosperity Mindset.

According to the success writer Wallace D. Wattles, there are two general states of mind:

  1.  The Electrical state of mind, and …
  2. The Magnetic state of mind.

The Electrical State of Mind

In the Electrical state of mind, your personality resembles a highly charged electrical conductor. There is a constant giving off of energy on all sides, most of which escapes, performing no work and producing no results.

Objects which are brought near are first strongly attracted, and then strongly repelled.

In the Electrical state of mind, action is sudden (impulsive), powerful, and intermittent (not constant). Action in this state of mind generally ineffectual. The expenditure of energy may be in any direction, and there is no continuity of purpose.

The person in an Electrical state of mind is up one minute, and down the next. First they are over here, then they are over there. They start something and then they drop it and go do something else.

They are always in motion, with lots of personal energy expended (and often the energy of those around them), with very little in the way of bottom line results.

The Magnetic State of Mind

In the Magnetic state of mind, there is always an attraction of certain things and always a repulsion (rejection) of others. The action is fixed, certain (consistent), and always in the same direction. There is no “leakage” or waste of energy.

A magnet is a center toward which certain things are irresistibly drawn, and from which certain things are irresistibly repelled and pushed away.

The person in a Magnetic state of mind is almost always up. They’re focused. They usually finish what they start. High efficiency with very little wasted energy or motion, high bottom line results.

Electrical vs. Magnetic State of Mind

So, among people, the Electrical person sometimes attracts, and just as often repels those whose friendship or assistance he or she seeks. The Magnetic person more often attracts those whom he or she seeks to attract.

What’s important to understand is that the thoughts and actions of the Electric personality are often destructive and disintegrating. The thoughts and actions of the Magnetic personality are nearly always constructive and integrating.

In order to get what you want, you have to learn how to attain and maintain a Magnetic state of mind.  You need to cultivate the Prosperity Mindset.

Certain people it seems are naturally blessed with a Magnetic personality. Most people have to work at attaining it, then maintaining it. Even naturally Magnetic people can fall victim to the negative forces that surround them.

It is possible to attain both a Magnetic personality and the Prosperity Mindset. You can learn how.

Make no mistake – it requires focused attention and effort, as well as deliberate continued practice – but once the ball is rolling, it gets easier to keep it moving forward.

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