When he was only 10 years old, Pierre Stanley Baptiste’s mother was sent to a sanatorium for over three months.

Superstitiously fearful of becoming “infected” with his mother’s mental illness, Pierre’s Haitian neighbors and even his own family shunned and abused both him and his little sister. All but alone, Pierre learned to care for his sister himself.

A Beginning

In 2012, Pierre was awarded a SEED scholarship to study business management in the United States. That is when he first came to Northcentral Technical College in Wausau, Wisconsin, where he spent two years earning an Associate Degree in Business Management.

During this time, Pierre joined the Wausau chapter of Toastmasters to practice his English skills, subsequently winning a Wisconsin State Toastmaster’s competition for an impromptu speech after only 9 months in the U.S.

As a Wisconsin Student Governor, Pierre spoke to the Wisconsin Congress in favor of a better American education system. For his volunteer efforts in the United States, Pierre was also awarded the President’s Service Award by then-President Barack Obama.

Returning to Haiti, Pierre now works to teach and inspire entrepreneurship, with the vision of “Empowering Non-obvious Winners” and the art of leveraging scarcity. He is the founder of Impact Ayiti, an initiative to teach entrepreneurship to disadvantaged high school students in Haiti, and Impact Port-au-Prince, the first local hub and co-working space in Haiti with a global imprint.

Underdog Revolution

Pierre Stanley BatistePierre’s newest book is the crowd-funded Underdog Revolution, in which he defines a new lens for viewing poverty, innovation and social change. Readers will discover how to empower underdogs in their immediate circle, and how to unleash innovation and entrepreneurship at the bottom of the socio-economic pyramid.

In his book, Pierre writes about the link between creativity and scarcity, the reasons why the top-down approach to innovation is wrong, and the psychological reasons, bias, and fallacies that push us to support the underdog.

Published by New Degree Press, Underdog Revolution is now available both in softcover and as a downloadable Kindle eBook at www.amazon.com.